Home Decoration The Effectiveness of Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

The Effectiveness of Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

by Rita

The OSB or Oriented Strand Board is worth considering due to its exceptional properties. Closely engineered to the previous options like plywood and particleboard, the OSB has a familiar appearance. But, the real strength lies in its construction.

Since it is becoming common in home renovations and décors, it is vital to peak into its worth. So before you go and buy a sheet of 7/16 osb, just take a moment and look into the benefits it brings.

What Is OSB?

As hinted earlier, OSB stands for Oriented Strand Board. Engineers decided to push thin wood strands with some adhesives and hot-pressured pressing, and created the OSB. The material owes its strength to the placement of strands. The precise perpendicular plane placements provide the OSB with its known power.

Benefits of Oriented Strand Board


In home décor or construction, respecting the budget is the first priority. Therefore, if you are on a shoestring budget, you may want to check out the OSB before other materials.

OSB has just taken a recent walk in the market. Therefore, it isn’t prevalent right now. Hence, it gives you an advantage as you can find bulks at a reasonable price. Whereas if you think of buying plywood with the same money, it may be about half of the quantity of OSB.


How many times do you spill water on your kitchen counter? Well, if it is not you, it may be someone else! But in the end, the counter is wet. Most construction materials are not waterproof. You have to take special care to keep them dry. Moreover, too much moisture may also deshape them.

However, buying an OSB panel frees you from that misery. It is perfectly water-resistant and doesn’t swell even in moist weather. Therefore, it works great for decorating the windowsills and other exposed home areas.

Various Types

Unlike other board materials, OSB offers you application-oriented boards. There are individual panels available for indoor and outdoor uses. Therefore, you can benefit by choosing the type that fits your need without worrying about the market limitations.


OSB panels use the wood from small and fast-growing trees. Wooden strands of fast-growing trees offer more stability. Moreover, their growth is faster relative to other trees. You can cut them in one season and they will bloom to a good volume in the next spring.

OSB doesn’t use the premium wood from old valuable trees. Hence, it benefits both the man and the environment.

Suitable For Massive Applications

Have you ever seen a plywood panel stretching to 24 feet long? There is a rare chance. The unwavering stability of OSB allows making more extended panels. It means instead of placing small pieces to cover the targeted section. You can simply measure the dimensions and get a fitting piece hassle-free.


OSB will soon become a rising trend with all its benefits. However, currently, it’s not very common, and only skilled artisans use it. OSB is not only affordable but eco-friendly, stable, and versatile. The above information will help to determine the suitability of the material for your project.

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