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Things to Serve with a Food Tray

by Rita

Food trays come in different shapes and sizes and are made from different materials. In recent times, disposable material food trays have become so popular that they almost now have a seat at every party. Their design makes them stand out since they can be used in multiple ways.

With that out of the way, let’s examine a few things that can be served in a food tray.

Multiple food options

This is especially important when looking to serve many people or guests. It’s a common sight at parties and events. A fairly large food tray can hold two to four plates of food at a time. It helps save time in delivering the food.

There are also smaller-sized food trays that come with multiple compartments. They allow for food partitions on the same food tray. Depending on the tray size, they can be substituted as plates for guests. This way, guests have multiple food options at a go.

Tea and Coffee

Whether you’re a tea or coffee person, a food tray can be an excellent way to avoid spills. There’s nothing fun or joyous about getting spilled hot tea or coffee. A good tray can be used as a support to hold the hot tea. For easy manipulation, it’s best to use a tray commensurate with the tea cup’s size. Otherwise, it’ll be counterproductive, and you may end up looking for a change of clothes in no distant time.

Fruit platter

It’s hard to see anyone who has a total dislike or disdain for fruits. They are one of nature’s gifts to mankind. How best to serve fruits to your guests than on a platter. For better options, a food tray with several compartments and place different fruits in each of them. Dish the fruit bowl option and see how appealing that fruit platter looks on a beautifully designed food tray.


Although they’re called food trays, it doesn’t mean they have to only serve one master — food. Food trays are a piece of versatile serving equipment that have a wide range of uses. Another use is for serving drinks. You’ve probably seen it done at the bar by professionals. You can replicate this at your next event and have drinks delivered to multiple guests at a time. If you don’t have steady hands, you’re probably better off serving drinks in low glasses, so they don’t topple over when walking with them on a tray.


Chivalry is never dead! Who says there’s anything wrong with being a romantic? Serve your partner with a surprise breakfast in bed. There’s only one trusted way to act this one, and that’s with a good wide food tray. You just can’t go wrong with this.


Food trays have been saving dishes from hitting the floor for centuries. They’re a beautiful piece of kitchen equipment that’s often overlooked. There are many ways to use a food tray that makes serving a lot easier.

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