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Pros and Cons of the WEN 56235i 2350-Watt Inverter Generator

by Rita

WEN 56235i 2350-Watt generator, being an inverter kind, has all the strengths of inverter generators. Considering one needs to upgrade their generator, Portable Inverter Generator is the best upgrade. Inverter generators like WEN 56235i portable inverter generator operate by changing DC power to AC power. These portable generators are the trending generator types in the markets.

Instead of operating at a continuous engine speed, inverter generators regulate the speed depending on the electrical power required at a particular time. That ensures the generator is not consuming more fuel than it requires. Besides having a compact size that enhances portability, inverters have a range of other advantages.

Pros of WEN 56235i 2350-Watt

WEN has amazed a lot of users due to the production of efficient and highly effective generators. With the generator manufacturing industry advancements, the WEN brand upped its manufacturing game to the production of the trending inverter generators. WEN 56235i portable inverter generator is among the best inverter that has been a game changer for quite some time. This machine is what any home need. Some pros can help someone evaluate whether WEN 2350-Watt is suitable for them.

1. Low fuel consumption

WEN 56235i has a crucial property of low fuel consumption since it does not run at a continuous speed. The inverter is capable of adjusting the rate to only the level that’s needed. It does this automatically, meaning the generator only consumes the right amount of fuel at a particular time. The lowers the engine’s speed, the lesser the fuel consumption.

2. Produces clean power

If you are looking for a clean power source alternative, the WEN 2350-Watt inverter is your generator. WEN Company uses technology that allows the generator to generate clean and safe power. Therefore, the power from this generator is safe for different delicate electronics.

3. Minimal noise

Most generators are associated with producing too much noise when operating. However, that is not the case for the WEN 56235i. Its noise levels are low, enhancing non-distracting and non-irritating operation. The generator’s engine is small and runs slowly and smoothly, generating less noise. The casing of this inverter generator also plays a crucial role in ensuring minimal noise.

4. Straightforward maintenance

Maintaining a WEN 2350-Watt generator is effortless since it requires less maintenance. The only maintenance practices one needs are an engine check, an oil check, and cleaning the fuel compartment. These are straightforward tasks. Again, one doesn’t need to do this task daily. You only do it through maintenance after some time. WEN provides a manual with instructions on how to maintain the generator properly.

5. Easy to move

Users can quickly move WEN 56235i portable inverter generator from one place to another. Suppose you need to carry the generator to your working location. That will not be an issue since the generator is exceptionally lightweight. Its weight is something that most adult people can handle.

Cons of WEN 56235i 2350-Watt

Although WEN 56235i generators have a lot of advantages for the user, they also have a few downsides. This generator is not ideal for RVs. Although the power it produces is enough for small gadgets like phones, tablets, and batteries, the power is not sufficient for RVs. For the inverter generator to generate more power, one needs to use two WEN 56235i generators and run them in parallel. The generator also lacks wheels. However, since it is lightweight, one can overlook the absence of wheels.


WEN 56235i portable inverter generator is the real deal among most inverter generator types. The benefits it offers the user are worth the price. Although the generator may have some downsides, they are issues that have solutions. Therefore, you can expect no less than quality and top-notch performance from this inverter generator.

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