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What’s the Difference Between Stickers, Labels, and Decals?

by Rita

Stickers are often used to decorate different types of things. People like to attach stickers to their notepads, walls, and laptops. Some stickers are used for commercial purposes. Stickers are the essential thing. Both labels and decals are their extended forms. A label must be on some fabric or hard thing, while decals are pretty different, having three layers.

A sticker is a gluey label. The stickers often contain printed images of cartoon characters or superheroes. It can be anything else, like fruit stickers or gaming stickers. Stickers are most often used by children and students that are school-going. Students use stickers for playing purposes by applying them to their books, notes, laptops, tablets, etc. They are labeled with gum, vinyl, or any other adhesive material.

This article will explain the dissimilarity between stickers, labels, and decals. How are they formed? What makes them different from one another? You will find all information here. To know more about these terms, keep reading the article.

The Common Difference Between Stickers, Labels, and Decals

Here we are pointing out the variance in these three terms. These are interrelated to one another.


Stickers are adhesive printed image that is two layered. A sticker is a kind of label. It is either printed or cut from vinyl. The two layers involve of one imaged layer, and the other is peeled off. When you peel off the paper, you can apply an imaged layer on a notebook or laptop.

The sonic stickers are printed cartoon images that are often used indoors. Different sonic stickers, such as sonic Hedgehog and the anime game sonic, are famous. They printed sonic birthday water bottle labels: Sonic Capri-sun and Sonic-inspired.


A label is printed on paper for indoor use; tags may be printed on fabric or a paper slip attached to some bottle or container. The label works as a professional tool and can help gain customer attention. Graphic designers of ten workers to create labels.

We can see every product has some printed slip on it. This is a label. Labels need to form very carefully. If you are making a label for an oil product, you need to take the such slip to create the oil-resistant label.


All decals are stickers but different from ordinary ones because they are used outdoors. Decals had three layers which are decorative stickers. They are formed through the eco-solving print process, and decals include a single solid color. These colors are printed on vinyl material with ultraviolet over the laminate. Deals are published on synthetic subtract such as vinyl and used outdoors.

  • The sticker used on cars is decals.
  • Decals are many layers in size. All the stickers we saw on the glass floor and walls are decals.
  • These three layers make them enable to be put in second place.


We discussed three types of adhesive materials: stickers, labels, and decals. These are three different things. If you are a mommy and buy something extraordinary for your child, buy stickers. If you are a businessman and want to enhance your business, use labels, as labels are often used for commercial purposes. If you are a sports person, you must buy good car decals, etc.

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