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Types of fingerboards, decks, and trucks

by Rita

The fingerboard trucks can be available in various sizes and widths, if you want to know what type of shape, quality, and deck width is best for you to ride then you should read this guide. Let’s discuss the types of fingerboards.

29mm wide deck

These fingerboards come in standard popsicle shape, and they are made up of a polymer composite deck of 29mm. You can use Allen key trucks with this deck. The fingerboards were invented back in the 2000s. The size at that time was 26mm. Since then the size has gradually increased. Although 29mm fingerboards are not a popular option now some people still love 29mm width fingerboards. Before buying deck or fingerboard trucks, keep in mind the width of both should be the same.

32mm wide deck

32mm width fingerboards are considered standard and have been popular as compared to the above one. 32mm decks can be available in boxy shape, standard popsicle shape, and pixelated shape. Heat transfer graphic decks and exotic decks are most popular nowadays in the 32mm range. Most of the upgraded 32mm fingerboard trucks come with bubble bushings and lock nuts.

33.3mm and 33.5mm decks

These fingerboards are in between 32mm and 34mm decks and are considered a sweet spot between them. These fingerboard decks can be available in the market or online in longboard, boxy, and popsicle shapes. You can get the required size fingerboard trucks for these decks from several stores. There are also colors available in trucks for the fingerboard. For these decks, you can use both 32 and 34 mm-sized trucks, and they are best to use with them.

34mm deck

If you have larger hands or your fingers are large then a 34mm deck is for you. You can get more room for your fingers and can enjoy finger boarding. It is the famous size in fingerboards that’s why so many designs and colors can be available in decks and trucks for this. The most selling shapes in 34mm fingerboard are Carlsbad cruiser shape, boxy shape, and popsicle shape. All of the 34mm fingerboard trucks will fit best on these boards.

35mm deck

35mm deck is new in the market of fingerboards and it is one of the widest options in decks. The decks for it can be available in exotic woods, popsicle shapes, dyed wood, and other synthetic materials. 34mm trucks will be best for these boards. People can enjoy a lot with a 35mm deck.


Fingerboards have gained so much popularity and are selling hot in the market for the past year. You can dress up your fingers in different ways while matching your nail paint with the color of fingerboard trucks. Some people also try different designs on their fingers and nails to add fun while enjoying playing with fingerboards. You can buy the board and trucks separately for your fingerboard. Several websites are offering trucks in all sizes, so you don’t have to worry about the sizes of trucks. Just buy the board that you like most and trucks will be available for that.

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